Dog, Rescue, Camera, One Eye, Photographer Annabelle As the owners of 5 rescued cats and 1 rescued dog as well as a turtle, koi and a couple of frogs we believe that every animal and every human should have the chance to love and be loved. Pets give that love unconditionally and deserve a chance to find the forever home that is the perfect match for them.

We want to be a part of the effort to help find homes for all the deserving pets that just want to love someone and be loved right back.

To that end Woof Hoof and Meow is offering to donate our services to rescues and shelters in the area that needs great photos of their animals. Please send us an e-mail at [email protected]







We also offer:

25% off your session fee and a $75.00 Product Credit

If you post a comment on a Facebook or twitter feed of an "Adopt Me" Photo that Woof Hoof and Meow Photography took and end up adopting that or one of the other pets featured in our posts you will get 25% off a session fee and a $75.00 product credit.  Just let us know your screen name and who you adopted and you can enjoy beautiful pictures of your new baby.


15% off

If you adopted a pet from any shelter or rescue, you will get 15% OFF your session fee.

10% back

Each year, 10% of ALL session fees will go to benefit a local shelter or rescue.


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