Why should I choose custom photography for my pet?

We consider our dog and cats a part of the family and believe that everyone should have more than just snapshots of their beloved pet. Investing in quality professional photos that capture their character will be something to look back on and cherish for a lifetime.

Why should I choose Woof Hoof and Meow Photography for my pet’s custom portrait?

It takes dedication and a love of animals as well as photographic skill to master the art of animal photography. Unlike many other photography studios which may offer pet photography on the side, Woof Hoof and Meow specializes in pets of all shapes and sizes. We believe that a session with us is about having a good time and making friends with the pets and their families. We strive to provide customer service that is top of the class along with high quality and unique images and products that will last a lifetime.

Can you walk me through the entire process?

  1. First you view the Woof Hoof and Meow's website and decide you’d like to have your pet photographed by Christy and Katherin. Contact us and book a consultation, putting down a non-refundable $100 deposit (which will be deducted from the session fee).
  2. Fill out a questionnaire about your pet, which will be on a private web page for you to complete and return all online (or we can e-mail it) upon booking and then send it back before consultation. 
  3. Complete an in person consultation. During this time, we will meet with your pet, take your suggestions regarding location, and evaluate where would be best to have the session (taking into account pet’s temperament, weather/time of year, and aesthetics). Products and prices will also be discussed. Location for the shoot will be determined.
  4. Photo shoot will take place. At this time, the balance in full is due, as well as the Client Agreement Contract (which you will receive upon booking).
  5. Within 7 days, you will have access to a sneak peek of your proofs on Woof Hoof and Meow's blog & Facebook page.
  6. After 14 days, you will receive access to the online proofing site, which will contain all proofs from the shoot. This will be available for 14 days after it is posted while you review and choose which photos you would like printed. An optional in-person proofing session can be scheduled (if you prefer over picking proofs online).
  7. Now you finalize your choices and send payment for prints. You will receive photos within two weeks by mail. Photo books will take up to 6 weeks.

My dog/cat/horse or other pet is shy, crazy, hyper or all of them, will this be an issue?

We want to see your pet’s personality in these photos no matter what their personality. We work with all ages from puppy to senior and all activity levels. There is always photos to be made. So as long as your pet is being themselves, then we are ready to translate that in a photograph.

Where will the session take place?

We will travel to a location determined prior to the shoot. We offer sessions that include two locations and usually one is your home. The other location may be at a park, a beach, the woods, or ??. During the consultation, we will take your suggestions and evaluate your animal’s personality. With that, we will determine what location will yield the best results.

What if it is too hot or it rains?

If the location is outdoors and the weather does not cooperate on the originally scheduled date, it will be rescheduled to a another date free of charge.

I want to schedule an outdoor photo shoot, but my pet needs to keep his leash on. How can we make this work?

No problem! Some photos are ok with a leash as it tells part of the story, in others we will use a thin leash during the session, which will be removed from the photos when they are edited.

Any further questions or inquiries may be sent to [email protected]