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He is SO cute! We tried to pack him into our camera bag to keep but his momma Jessica caught on and took him home with her. :>(

We will be doing a puppy series with him to document his growth and I cant wait until he is a little bigger so we can take him to the park and the beach where he can use all the training skills his mom is teaching him. Jessica is a local dog trainer and she also owns Scout the German Shepard we photographed a few months ago that is so well behaved. I want a puppy just so Jess can teach me to train a baby.

Her are a few pictures from our shoot.... Check out the eyes! Oh My they are just stunning. Can't wait to see how they change over the next few months.


Blog Collage-1381164099776Blog Collage-1381164099776

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Proud to be a HeArts Speak Professional Aspiring Member https://www.woofhoofandmeowphotography.com/blog/2013/9/proud-to-be-a-hearts-speak-professional-aspiring-member As a new business with a love of animals, we want to make sure that a big part of our mission is to help save animals in need. In the last year and a half we have fostered and kept Buster, found Gypsy in the Albertsons parking lot and saved our newest girl Freeway from sure death when she was abandon on the Hollywood Freeway in the center divider. (That is a great story and can be found on our Facebook page). We also have three other rescues, so we have a house full. We need to find homes for the rest of the babies before the title of Crazy cat ladies sticks... LOL!

About 2 months ago I found pictures posted on Petfinder.com with a logo for HeARTs Speak with the rescue and the photographers information on them. I was curious to see what they are about...

"HeARTs Speaks mission is to unite the individual efforts of animal artists and animal rescues into collective action for social change. It is an online community of artists who are dedicated to using their art to help animals, assisting and educating the community on the importance of animal adoptions."

For Christy and me, that sounded like the type of community we wanted to be apart of! We submitted an application a couple of months ago along with some of our work and waited to see if we would be accepted into the community. I am VERY HAPPY to announce that yesterday we found out that we were accepted and will now do all our free rescue photography sessions as part of the HeARTS Speak community. In fact we did our first session for Pet Mania Burbank rescue last night. (Why waste time?)

We will be posting all adoption photos on our website and Facebook pages as well on the rescues site. Please check back often for available pets and share, share, share... We need to find all the animals homes!

Let me introduce you to this beautiful 10 week old female Grey and White Tabby. She came in with her three siblings (also photographed). She is loving, playful and LOVES to Purr and be held. She is available now for adoption and has her 1st set of shots. Please call if you are interested 818-848-5512.


2013-09-05-Pet-Mania-Grey-Tabby-Girl-10 wks


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Meet Scout - A beautiful fourteen month old German Shepard https://www.woofhoofandmeowphotography.com/blog/2013/8/meet-scout---a-beautiful-fourteen-month-old-german-shepard 20130811-_K7A9340



Meet Scout – A beautiful fourteen month old German Shepard that was rescued from a backyard breeder. She has found a forever home with Jess and Bernie and they are all very lucky to have each other.  She is a certified service dog and she is completing German Shepard protection training. She will not be a guard dog but they are bred as protectors so it helps them to use the protection instincts in a way that is safe for her and her family.

Both her parents are certified dog trainers in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas and after working with Scout for just a few hours I can see that they are very good at what they do. She is a wonderful dog and very well trained.  If you need dog training reach out to them at 310-625-2031 or at [email protected]

Makes me want a puppy of my own so I can train them to be as well behaved as Scout… 

Christy and I spent about 2 hours with Jess, Bernie and Scout and all of us had a great time. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


20130811-_K7A9474-Edit 20130811-_K7A9395


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Some things are just meant to be - My session with Kiki and Lila https://www.woofhoofandmeowphotography.com/blog/2013/7/some-things-are-just-meant-to-be---my-session-with-kiki-and-lila  

Lou, Lila and KikiLou Greco-20130713-_K7A8592

Some things are just meant to be and my creative session with Kiki and Lila and their daddy Lou fall into this category.

I was going to San Diego for a family event and had heard about the Ocean Dog Beach. I wanted to check it out. I left early in the morning with my camera and Pet Model release forms and headed to the beach. What a crazy mix of dogs and people that is.

I was talking to someone, when up comes two boxers that I had been watching for a while.  Of course I could not resist talking to them and their dad. Lou had recently lost Kiki’s brother to cancer and that just a few days later he learned from his vet that both Kiki and Lila have lymphoma.  WOW! That was a shock for me and I just met them.

They were actually getting ready to leave the beach but I wanted Lou and the girls to have some images of their time at the beach.  The girls were playing ball and chasing each other and just having a great time. They are Boxers to the core with their constant play and attention to Lou and just love in their hearts, such a joy to be around.

We worked together for an hour or so when Lou happened to mention that he and the girls had come to the beach from Arizona.  WHAT? They had all moved there about a year ago but Ocean Beach was a favorite place for them to go and he decided that now was the time to bring them. (What a GREAT DAD!)  So here I am just there for a few hours and they have driven all the way from AZ and here we are all together.  If that was not MEANT TO BE then I do not know what is…

Thanks Lou, Kiki and Lila for sharing your story and a few minutes with me!

Lou Greco-20130713-_K7A8545 Lou Greco-20130713-_K7A8633

Lou Greco-20130713-_K7A8692


Lou Greco-20130713-_K7A8668



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